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Welcome to Rocky

We develop Chirstian Leaders.

I work full time: online courses fit into my schedule, and I’ve heard great things about the school from my friends.

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I could engage with other students and with the prof, but in a way that allowed me to remain in the communities I was already embedded in.

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Your Student Account is payable before you are able to begin your classes.

If you are expecting to receive finances through an outside source (e.g., student loan, scholarship/bursary) you must provide written proof of loan or financial assistance to the Student Services Office prior to the start of your course(s).

Apply 6 to 8 weeks prior to the start of your semester for funding.

Payment of your account may be made by etransfer, online bill payment through your bank, through your Student Portal via Paypal/CreditCard, cheque, money order, bank draft, credit card.

E-Transfers can be sent through your bank to, automatic deposit is enabled but if you need a security question you can contact us with this  number (403) 284-5100.*

*NOTE: PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME IN THE MEMO so that we know where to allot the funds.

Setting up an online bill payment is easy as Rocky Mountain College is set up as a Payee with most of the major Canadian banks (Scotiabank, CIBC, TD, BMO, RBC, ATB).

All you need to do is:

1. log into your online banking account

2. select the "bill payment" section

3. select the "Add Payee" option (different banks may title this section differently)

4. when you are in that screen simply search for Rocky Mountain College and add our institution as a payee.

5. when prompted, you will be asked for a customer number- this is you Student ID number found on your acceptance letter.

6. proceed as normal in selecting the payment amount and funds will be processed within a day or two.

Tuition Refund and Dropped Course

Tuition refund schedule for Dropped Course:

  • Dropped before 10% of the course time has elapsed, 100% tuition refund except for an administration fee.
  • Dropped between 10%-30% of the course time elapsed, 50% tuition refund less the administration fee.
  • Dropped after 30% of course time elapsed, no tuition refund.

All fees are in Canadian dollars.



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